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My thoughts about Enthuware test banks

Written by Mushfiq Mammadov

In comparison with other alternative programs I found Enthuware and its questions more interesting and qualitative. According to previous exam takers’ experiences Enthuware questions are very similar with those of actual exam. Now I agree with these opinions too, especially I want to note Last Day Test. I couldn’t distinguish some actual exam questions from Last Day Test when I wrote my experiences. I couldn’t remember whether I had encountered this question in actual exam or Last Day Test.
At first the program structure seemed primitive to me but as I started using it I found that almost all opportunities had been created for the convenience of users:

  • simple design which is similar to actual exam window;
  • availability of going to previous, next or any other question in one step;
  • to bookmark question;
  • there is information about remaining time (in a decreasing format) same as in actual exam. Furthermore, you can see additional time you spent when the given time is over. It would be better time information for each question is shown separately too;
  • you can pause mock exam (Pause Test) and continue whenever you want (Continue Test);
  • you can add note for each question;
  • you can ask questions regarding any test in Enthuware forum. If you don’t understand any test after reading explanation you can click “discuss” button and ask your question or read existing discussion. All questions are replied by admin in a short period of time;
  • performance report – your results for each topic are shown in percentages (%) in all tests, thus you can determine your strengths and weaknesses;
  • missed questions – all your incorrect answers are kept in this section. At the end you can look through these questions again to ensure that you understand them;
  • objective-wise questions – this section contains questions for each topic and after standart test it is recommended to revise the chapters that you do not understand well (they will be shown in performance report) and to do the relevant tests once again;
  • “Most missed questions” section makes it possible to see the questions that are confused by most exam takers;
  • you can take files in “ETSWF_com_enthuware_ets_oca-jp-i_v8” folder home or work and continue your test from where you have stopped.

Mostly I was worried about “Which statements are true?” type questions in actual exam because of my english. But I had already learned almost 90% of such questions from Enthuware which I encountered in actual exam.

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