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my oca experience - my thoughts about coderanch forum
Written by Mushfiq Mammadov

I discovered Coderanch forum thanks to Mrs Jeanne Boyarsky. She directed me to the forum when I sent her email regarding OCA 8 book. When I got familiar with the forum I understood that using the forum was one of the best decisions I made during certification exam preparation. Indeed, it had great beneficial effect on my studies. Every day I visited forum to read new posts. I read explanation of questions which I hadn’t known and took notes if necessary. Before finishing preparation this forum also helped me to have some idea about test center, exam registration process, as well as how to get printed copy of certificate. I bookmarked those questions to read again in case I needed.

I also posted my questions that I didn’t understand. If the explanations of questions written in study guides or in test banks were insufficent, first I looked for extra information about those questions in the forum. I guessed that someone might have asked the same question before me and indeed in most cases it was so. Most questions in the forum are explained step-by-step and in details, so it helps readers to understand that concept very well.

In Addition, I want to emphasize “Certification Results” forum. Exam takers’ experiences were very helpful for me. Thanks to all forum users for sharing questions, answers, sharing useful information, their experiences etc. I am especially very thankfull for the time Roel De Nijs took to reply to 98% of my posts

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