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Step 6. The exam day

pearson vue exam day
Written by Mushfiq Mammadov

Do not try to take the exam at early hours for you can get good sleep. Get rest well a day before the exam and do not forget to eat breakfast on the morning of the exam (if you are going to take the exam in the morning). Because during 2-2.5 hours, your brain will be working constantly, you have to be as energetic and hale as possible 🙂

Try to come 30 minutes in advance to the Test Center. You must bring two documents with yourself confirming your identification and a second official document is required other than your identification card. This can be driving license, passport, plastic card etc. At the Test Center, they are taking your photo after your documents are checked. Before you enter the exam room, you have to deliver all your things to the test center, you are not allowed to put in anything inside (even ordinary paper). Paper and pen is given to you by the Test Center. Check writing of the pen before you enter the exam. Although the exam room did not fully respond to modern standards, all the necessary environment for the exam were established. In the room 4 or 5 people take the exam at the same time and by supervisors are provided with maximum silence. Door is closing with the key when supervisor leaves the room and outsiders can’t enter the room without permission. After the exam starts you can’t even leave the room until the exam finishes. I advise you to plan everything in advance, considering that the exam will last 2-2.5 hours.

A small headset is also provided with the paper-pen to use in case of noise. But I didn’t need it.

Try to be discreet during the exam. Initial questions may be difficult for you. In this case, do not be uncomfortable or excited immediately, try to be cautious. After a few questions everything is going to be okay. I encountered this situation on my own exam too. I had some excitement and concern. I had some excitement and concern. But I had a certain experience from Enthuware Simulator, also there were some “Standard Tests” which starting with difficult questions and getting increasingly easy. Do not spend too much time on questions which you do not know. If you waste time more than 1.5-2 minutes to answer any question and didn’t find the right answer, then skip to the next question. Mark this question and look at again in the end. Perhaps, any small nuance in the question escape from your attention, so that you will find it for a few seconds when you look again. After you finish all the questions, try to keep time for 20-25 minutes to look at them again. It has a great benefit in terms of making sure to the answers you write.

Do not forget you have to register at CertView before the exam. Detailed information about this will be provided in a next step.

P.S. The above thoughts are written according to the Test Center where I took the exam.


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