Free OCA 8 / OCP 8 Mock Exams and Practice questions

free oca 8 ocp 8 mock exams and practice questions
Written by Mushfiq Mammadov

I had seen this article – “5 Free OCAJP8, OCPJP8 Mock Exams and Practice questions – 1Z0-808 809 (Java 8 Certification)” – and had looked at some mock exams. I see some ranchers frequently ask about certification mock exam so I decide to share it



Whizlabs questions were very simple. My result was 20/20 so I didn’t look at any question again.


David Mayer’s Java8CertificationQuestions sample

After whizlabs I didn’t take seriously it and I did this sample test in my mobile phone with walking. But my result was surprised me (17/25) therefore I began to look through questions..
The answers of questions 16, 18, 21 and 22 were wrong. Question 19 and 20 were duplicate. Question 7 was required three correct answers but there were only two correct answers.
I didn’t look at explanations in detail but I saw some typos in there.



There were some interesting questions but there also were wrong explanations so I suspect the quality of the test.
For example, there were a lot of typos in the following explanation:

Stings are mutable objects, simply it means once we invoke method on string and apply some changes new string return instead doing change itself. But Stringbuilders are not mutable.
So at line 7 invoking contact method won’t do any change on the str object instead it returns new string “1Z0-808”. So finally 1Z0 will be printed. Hence option A is correct.


The other:

The LocalTime is an interface, so we can’t use new keyword with them. So options A and B are incorrect.
The Instant is an interface, we can call its now method to get current date and time, so option C is correct and option D is incorrect.


Maybe the answer of two questions (first about lambda-Runnable, the other about GC) were wrong.



When I saw this article I had already bought Enthuware Tests Bank and had taken some Standard Tests. Enthuware is the best among them. I wrote in detail about it in my experience.

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Mushfiq Mammadov


  • Poor guy, trying to promote Enthuware, but it is not good thing as exam takers are misguided. Don’t do such things for money. thanks

    • It is a pity that you think such as. If you investigate me you see that I have no absolutely any relation with Enthuware . The most articles of this blog were written according to my own experience. I bought Enthuware after reading many positive feedbacks. In this link you may see that the most exam takers used Enthuware as questions bank. I have had a lot of difficulties to get information when I wanted to start preparing for Java Certification exam. Therefore I created this blog to support beginners. The main purpose of this blog is to give more information and direct people correctly. Enthuware is the most quality and the cheapest test bank now. If you investigate a bit you will be absolutely agree with me about Enthuware.

  • I bought the exam for the 1Z0-809 exam on but the questions are almost all wrong, most of the time there are no explanations and also their policy is fraudulent, it is not true that they reimburse you if you miss the exam, demonstrate with false data that you have not complied with the policy. In my case, due to a mistake on their site, they counted tests that I never started! beware they are real scammers

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