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Written by Mushfiq Mammadov

I had already decided to buy Enthuware questions bank in the middle of my exam preparation because most of the exam takers praised Enthuware in their experiences. Firstly, I installed trial version of Enthuware and took Sample Test. I liked questions a lot and bought full version.
Then I took Standard Tests.

My results of Enthuware Standard Tests:

Foundation Test – 79%     
Test 1 – 88%     
Test 2 – 94%     
Test 3 – 78%     
Test 4 – 87%     
Test 5 – 92%     
Test 6 – 94%     

I read the explanations of all questions regardless I had answered them correctly or incorrectly and sometimes I learned new things from explanations which I didn’t know so far. When I couldn’t understand the explanation of some questions, I clicked “discuss” button and looked at forum discussion. Sometimes I couldn’t understand discussion because of my english, in these cases I read the posts over again and again.

I registered for actual exam after finishing Standard Tests (except for Last Day Test). A week before the exam I started going through my notes. My notes were about 150 pages and I took Enthuware Objective–wise Tests after finishing each chapter. I finished all preparations 2 days prior to the exam. I took the last Standard Test on Saturday:

I had a rest on Sunday and went to the exam on Monday.

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