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The actual exam day – passed with 94%

my oca experience - the actual exam day passed with 94%
Written by Mushfiq Mammadov

At the beginning I couldn’t overcome my exam anxiety and as the first questions were difficult they made me more nervous. However, an hour later I was able to concentrate on the exam. Most of the exam takers say that the actual exam is easier than mock exams but I didn’t feel it. The most of actual exam questions looked like simple, but in fact they were tricky. Therefore I checked each question at least twice and it took too much time. At the end of mock exams I usually had enough time left to go through questions again and I thought the actual exam would be easier. However, when I finished answering questions after first attempt (except for 4-5 questions as I got right answers at second or third attempt), I had 25 min left. I was able to finish the test 30 seconds before the end of the exam. Either my pen or paper were not comfortable. The paper was slippery and the pen didn’t write on it at the first attempt and these things also disrupted my concentration.

You will not get your result just after exam. 15-20 minutes after exam I got email regarding my result:


Although my goal was to get score above 95%, I am still satisfied with this result because my exam anxiety could have led to much poorer exam performance. Thanks God! Finally, I achieved my goal after a long hard work.
After 1.5 day I received email regarding eCertificate. There was a link of “online request form” to request for the printed copy. I sent request and after about 4 weeks printed copy of my certificate arrived.

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