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My brief thoughts regarding actual exam questions

my oca experience - my brief thoughts regarding actual exam questions
Written by Mushfiq Mammadov

• There were no questions about instanceof operator, “dangling” else, enum, inner class;
• There was a question about Period, but not Duration and ZonedDateTime;
• There was no question regarding Wrapper constructor, but there was question regarding parseXXX() and valueOf() methods (Read about it in detail);
• More questions were asked about arrays compared to other topics (declaration, initialization);
• There were many questions regarding switch case statements, inner for loops, if conditions;
• There were a lot of questions regarding this() and super(), too. The important rule to find answers to these questions was: this() and super() have to be only first statements of code block;
• There was only one question regarding Lambda and I had seen such question neither in SYBEX nor in Enthuware during my exam preparation (Read about it in detail);
• There were 3 or 4 questions regarding Time API and all questions were almost easy. 95-99% of these questions were covered in the topics of Dates and Times in SYBEX;
• There were about 3 questions regarding pass-by-value;
• There was a question about overloading main method;
• There were many questions with right answer of “compilation fail”;
• There were complicated questions about casting;
• Most important methods of String and StringBuilder were also asked. All of these methods were described in SYBEX book except for append() method with three parameters. Fortunately, I had learned it from Enthuware tests. There were no questions regarding intern(), compareTo(), ensureCapacity(), insert() with four parameters (but insert() with two parameters existed), setLength() methods;
• I was familiar with all the questions asked about Exception in actual exam. Although during my preparation I came across with some Exception subclasses in Enthuware that were not included in SYBEX book, all Exception questions of actual exam were covered in SYBEX book.

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